The founders of A.L.T.R.I Center are Mrs. Eda Noçka and Mr. Periand Teta. In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 8788/2001 and under Article 9 of the Statute of the ALTRI Center, “The highest decision-making body of the Center is the Board of Directors for a period of 5 years with the right to reappointed.”

Having as objective an efficient and effective work organization and management in terms of dealing with different issues at hand, A.L.T.R.I. Centre, considering the experience and specialization of its lawyers and experts, is organized in three Units.

The drafting (of legal and other acts) and Legal Assistance Unit : The lawyers of this Unit based on their professional capacities and on their experience are focused in the drafting of legislation, policy papers, strategic documents, reports, etc. Also, they are involved in every activity of the Center having as necessary and/or very important phase in the realization of the final objective/scope that of the legal interventions.

Project implementation Unit : This Unit cooperates closely with the Drafting and Legal Assistance Unit. The experts of this Unit ensure the performance of the implementing activities in the framework of a specific project performing tasks such as preparation of materials for conferences, training, and involvement in awareness raising campaigns, participation in working groups meetings, keeping minutes of meetings, etc.).

Financial Unit : This Unit consists of the Center’s accountant, and is responsible for the realization of all economic and financial activities of the Centre.