A.L.T.R.I. aims to achieve, mainly through research, evaluation, awareness raising, advocacy and lobbying, as well as legal drafting, its objectives related to issues of good-governance, rule of law, decentralization, and EU integration, in light of approximation of the domestic legislation with the acquis communautaire. 

Object of the activity

A.L.T.R.I. is a non for profit organization of a scientific, research, professional and cultural nature, established in 2011. A.L.T.R.I. Centre carries out its activities in accordance with Law no.8788, dated 07.05.2001 “On Non-Profit Organizations”, its Statute and its Foundation Act. The Center is registered in the Non-Profit Organizations Register of the Tirana Judicial District Court, by Decision no.705, dated 16.12.2011. Based on A.L.T.R.I. Statute and its Foundation Act, the Center, through its activity, aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Research, study, awareness raising, advocacy and lobbying on legal and territorial issues;
  • Support of the legislative process and legal drafting;
  • Research, study, awareness raising, advocacy, lobbying and legal drafting as regards issues related to good governance, e-Government, decentralization, transparency, integration, fight against corruption, public authorities and judiciary accountability and responsiveness;
  • Play a mediating role among public authorities and the public with the aim of addressing public needs and strengthening trust in public officials;
  • Serve as an informed and independent voice in public debates on policies regarding various legal and territorial issues;
  • Identification, articulation and assessment of current issues related to policies, proposals and programs in the legal and territorial field;
  • Interpretation of issues, events, policies on electronic and printed media facilitating the public understanding of legal and territorial issues by domestic, European and international dimensions;
  • Promote and establish constructive forums for the exchange of information and ideas among key stakeholders and groups of interests in the process of outlining policies on legal and territorial issues;
  • Facilitation and establishment of a specific issue network through all-inclusive strategies aimed at civic mobilization on sensitive legal and territorial issues.
  • Involvement in the legislative process as an independent and impartial voice, community and vulnerable group’s interests oriented, and lobbying for their behalf;
  • Research, studies and analyses related to public policies issues, legal intervention needs in different fields, to the approximation of the domestic legislation with the acquis communautaire and its approximation with international standards, and to territorial and legal issues;
  • Representation of cases, interests or specific viewpoints and efforts to influence policies, practices and approaches of public authorities and other stakeholders such as media and the public in general;
  • Development, monitoring and implementation of projects, programs or services in the legal and/or territorial fields;
  • Providing expertise and lobbying as regards specific issues by the legal and/or territorial nature;
  • Cooperation with other organizations in awareness raising activities and their support, as the case may be, with trainings and capacity building activities.
  • Providing primary and secondary legal aid in order to ensure equal access of all individuals to the justice system.
  • Development, monitoring and implementation of projects, programs or services in the field of protection of children’s rights;
  • Development, monitoring and implementation of projects, programs or services with special focus on vulnerable groups;
  • Development, monitoring and implementation of projects, programs or services with a particular focus on public legal education.